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The Benefits of Joint Custody and Co-Parenting for your Child’s Well Being

Your child may mean the world to you, but in a divorce, it’s important for parents to realize that spending time with each child is what brings the most value to the child. For some couples, joint custody and  co-parenting is the only option, as it allows each parent to have a say in their child’s […]

How to Deal with Single Parenting over the Holidays

Divorce is difficult enough to deal with on its own—add the holidays into the mix and you have the makings of a perfect storm. Divorce proceedings can cause an emotional and financial toll. And in states where one must file for divorce under specific at-fault grounds, it’s important to know your rights. But even when the […]

Tips for Co-Parenting Babies and Toddlers

Divorce is often difficult on children. When children are younger, it can be difficult to help them understand what is happening during a divorce. Even more critically, this youngest demographic tend to be the most strongly impacted by their parents divorcing. Thankfully, with a little conscious effort, you and your former spouse can put the […]