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Examples of Child Custody Schedules

One thing that divorced or separated parents seem to be the most frustrated with is their child custody schedule.  There are a wide range of different types of schedules that they might have, but it seems that most of these actually cause a lot of stress and strife for parents.  Thankfully these preset schedules can […]

Tips for Successful Co-Parenting at School

With the holidays past and kids are headed back to school, a whole new set of co-parenting problems need to be handled. How you are going to successfully co-parent at school will determine how your child succeeds in school. If school becomes another war zone, then your child is less likely to be successful. If […]

How to Know When Your Kids Need Counseling Services

A divorce or even a separation can be a very trying time.  There is typically some amount of turmoil regardless of how calm you try to stay.  This turmoil can often be detrimental to your child’s emotional health.  Put that together with all of the new changes and you might find that your child shows […]

He Is Still the Father of Your Children

Let’s face it, your ex would not be your ex if you always got along.  Whether you were married, just dated, or even had a one night stand; if you have a child with someone then they are that child’s father.  This means that you need to make sure that you remember this at all […]