Why Your Children Should Be #1 In Your Custody Battle or Divorce

These days, children are far more involved in legal battles that arise because of parents not being together or being divorced.  One thing that parents need to remember is that when they are going through anything legal, their main focus should be that the children remain number one.  In far too many cases, parents abuse their relationship with their children and use it as a way of getting back at their ex or trying to cause problems with their children’s relationship with their other parent.  These types of behaviors can have long lasting and damaging effects on the child.  Instead of hurting your ex as you might have hoped, you are going to end up only hurting your children.

One of the worst things for a child is to grow up in a single parent household where they are not allowed access to their other parent.  Unless a parent is a danger to the children, he should be allowed ample time to build a relationship with the children so that the two parents can successfully parent together.


Avoid Damaging Your Children

There are so many things that you should do if you want to avoid damaging your children in a divorce or custody battle.  You will want to make sure that both parents have access to the child and can build a relationship.  It does not matter what your ex did to you.  If he is being a good parent, then his parent should not be called into question based on the relationship that he had with you.  Make sure that your children being put first in your divorce case and that they are able to see both parents on a regular basis.

In addition, it can be very damaging to a child if one parent takes them and moves to a place where they are accessible to the other parent.  While moving away from the problem and the situation might sound like a dream come true, it is rarely what is best for the children.  There are so many things that get taken away from children when one parent relocates.  This type of move generally prevents one parent from being involved with school or athletics.  It also causes the children to have to leave their home, friends from school, and activities that they participate in.  This can have lasting effects on children who are best suited to grow up in a carefree environment.


Learn to Listen to Your Children

Sometimes children need their other parent.  Even if you are always doing everything in your power to make them happy, there are going to be times that they want to be with the other parent and not you.  This type of preference for someone else could be seen as them picking that parent over you which could seem hurtful at the time.  Instead of thinking this way and being upset when your children want to spend time with their other parent, make sure that you encourage their relationship with them.  Giving up a night of your time for your child to be with their other parent when they want to is far better for your child then to put them in the middle of the two of you fighting.



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