Tips for Being Involved When Living in Another State

In an ideal world, children would always live in the same state as both of their parents. In today’s world this is not the case. In some circumstances jobs or the presence of extended family can influence a judge’s decision to allow a child to move out of state. When this happens, one parent is left living quite some distance from their child. This could cause unrepairable damage to the child’s relationship with that parent, but in some cases it does not have to.

Tips to Stay Involved with Miles Between

Pick Up the Phone or Use Video Chat

Staying in touch doesn’t always have to mean seeing someone in person. Today there are tons of options for being able to communicate with your child or even to use a video chat system with them. This type of communication allows you to talk to them regardless of where you are. The great thing about video chat options is that they allow for your child to see you while you are talking. This is especially helpful with younger children or children with attention issues. Just because there are miles between you does not mean that you cannot communicate with your children on a regular basis and have the relationship that you have always dreamed of.

Send Pictures Regularly

Another thing that you can do on a regular basis is send pictures to your children. You can print them or send them digitally. Talk with the other parent and ask that they send you pictures of different activities that your child is involved in as well as day-to-day life. If you do not feel like your ex is willing to communicate with you well enough for this, try and get this included as a stipulation in your paperwork per the custody agreement.

Use Email to Your Advantage

Older children will enjoy being able to email you rather than talking. It can also help them work on valuable skills like typing. Another fun thing with email is that you can send emails to younger children too. You can send e-cards or other fun things that will give your children a little smile for the day.

Consider Sending Postcards

One thing that most children love getting is mail. Postcards are a great way to send a little note and let your kids know that you are thinking about them. Finding postcards is pretty easy no matter where you live. There are even some fun ones that allow you to create your own postcard or give your child a picture to color when it arrives. Doing things like this are simple and small but can mean a world of difference to your children.

Think About Sharing Videos

Sharing videos is a great way to be able to see your children do things and for your children to see you! Create a YouTube account for each of you, so that you can share videos. YouTube has privacy settings that limit publicity so that no one can see them except for those who are intended to (you and your children). This is important to note, since many people do not realize just how safe some of these social media sites can be. Furthermore, sharing videos is a way for you to be a part of events that you are missing and allows your child to see you engage with them, even though it’s from a distance. If you are not someone who has a particularly interesting job, you can take videos of yourself doing silly things that your children will enjoy. You can also take videos of yourself reading your child’s favorite book so that they can watch it when they are missing you.

Never Underestimate the Power of a Good Surprise

Surprises are a great way to show your children that you care, even when you cannot be with them. And they do not have to be big. A padded envelope can hold a few small pieces of candy or something as simple as a pencil and stickers. You can really brighten your child’s day if they have been missing you with a great little surprise in the mail. You never know, they might even repay the favor with a sweet surprise of their own like a picture that they have drawn for you.

Consider Home Deliveries

Talk to your ex and find out a night when you can send pizza for dinner. Consider finding some place to send donuts for breakfast or sweet treats from time to time, too. This type of small gesture is one that can show that you are having thoughts about them and can impact them in a BIG way.

Being far apart is hard for both you and your child. You can stay close to your child and have the relationship that you have always dreamed of.

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